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Big Surprise! Sundin Is Undecided If He'll Be Ready For Game 1

"I don't know at this point. I mean, we're going day-by-day here and hopefully I can keep skating and working the way we did today and we'll make a decision as we go on here."

It remains a mystery if it's his hip or groin that is bothering him. All I know is he had better be ready. The Canucks need the RPM Line in tact for Round 2. Reports say he's skating quickly in practice, and Round 2 is still a week away.

I have this giant urge to yell: "Suck it up and fucking play!" Well there, I said it. This could be his last crack at a Cup. Show some balls.

Hey, for all I know he's giving lip service right now and should be good to go.

Sami Salo has pronounced himself ready for game 1.

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