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The day after: Canucks links


-IDesk guys on CBC talk about Alex Burrow's OT goal celebration being a tribute to Luc Bourdon, as the "bow and arrow" celebration was something Bourdon used to do.

-More from Burrows:

"The guys were just trying to get ready for the overtime and a few of the leaders were speaking up ... how good of a feeling it would be to score that big goal," Burrows said Wednesday.

"Roberto said, `just get one boys.' That's what it was going to come down to and guys were saying legends are born in the playoffs by scoring big goals to kill another team." -TSN

-Footage of the OT goal and the post game celebrations / interviews. I missed a lot of the post game because I was jumping around so much, spilling my drink.

-Yes, you were wrong.

-I still can't get tired of watching Wellwood's goal either. Sick stuff. The extension he pulled off on that goal was sick for a short guy.

-A great fan video of the fans' celebrations in Vancouver last night.

-Madness in Delta/Surrey.

-Sometimes saying nothing is the best way to go.


-Alain Vigneault talks about the layoff, the Sedins, the PK, David Backes, Sundin, Salo, Pyatt and more. (The Province). I think this layoff is a good thing all around. It was a physical series and I'm sure the banged up players won't mind it. Looks like Sundin and Salo should be ready by the next series.

-Of course, one big question about the layoff will be how it affects Roberto Luongo. The Doctor of Negativity, Tony Gallagher wonders if the time off will affect Luongo's sharpness as he is in the zone right now.  Luongo is concerned about it at all and said that he knows how to stay sharp. I'm going to trust Luongo on this one. How about you? Jesus, Tony, can't we just have at least ONE day of happiness? I see these guys aren't much better.  C'mon people! Luongo is possessed to win a Cup. He will do all it takes to be ready.

-Vancouver Police said there werenot many problems with the ruckus Canucks fans in downtown Vancouver last night.

-The Sedin brothers' +4 rating ranks them 2nd overall in the NHL Playoffs.

-Daniel Sedin's 18 shots ranks him 5th.

-Ryan Johnson's 61.8% faceoff percentage ranks him tied for 3rd overall. 

-The Canucks' goals against average per game is 2nd only to Detroit.

- The Canucks' PK (95.8% effectivity) ranks 2nd to the Bruins.