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The Sweep Is Complete

But that broom didn't come out so easily. The Blues scored two goals in under four minutes in the second and forced an incredible overtime. St. Louis deserves a lot of credit not just in this series, but this game in particular. A lot of teams would have folded, but they came back, tied the game quickly and dictated much of the play in the OT.

But, with :19 seconds left, Burrows burst in on the left side of Mason and fired a seemingly innocent shot that beat him, making the Canucks the first team to make it to the second round and capping off the first sweep of a seven game series in Vancouver history.

The defense was the name of the game again. The Vancouver blueline - Ohlund, Mitchell and Bieksa in particular - were simply biblical killing off six penalties, including a four minute high sticking call on Kesler in the overtime.

Despite the Blues impassioned play in the third and badly outshooting Vancouver in overtime (18-9), the Canucks still managed to prevail with the timely goal. Four wins in less then a week to cap off the quarter finals. And the sweep came when they were down a top four defenseman in Salo and their second line center in Sundin.


There's a lot to discuss about what/why/how this team did what they did in the past week against the hottest team in the NHL, but that will have to wait for a more sober hour.

For now I leave you with a simple question: