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As We Get Ready For The Saturday Hangover...

...let's read the news and notes of the day:

- Hey, how about some even strength play tonight?

- Murray expects a better game from his troops tonight: "Of the 18 skaters that played in the game for us, I calculated seven that were below average. We had four that were average. That means that we had only about seven players who I was really happy with their efforts. That means there's room for optimism."

- The Holy Bernier is a humble man.

- Berglund blames himself for a poor game one (that explains the TOI).

- One game in and Salo isn't injured yet. Amazing.

- This guy would like you to know that Game 2's are kinda important.

- Some snowboarder chick was at game one and had nice seats.

- More to do about nothing regarding ice spraying.

- Pudge = a checking center? Discuss.

- Vancouver had three playoff newbies in game one. St. Louis had 12.

- Jackman would like some payback (and bites his tongue on Bertuzzi).

- Was the Cup on their bucket lists? Players needing to show a better game out there tonight include both Sundin and Tkachuk.

- St. Louis Game Time has more from the opposition end, including ripping Jason Reitman several new ones and their take on what the Blues need to do tonight to go home even at one.

- if this results in this, what happens with this? (besides Havlat getting the last laugh)