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There's Other Teams Playing? Open Thread

If it hasn't mentioned "Vancouver" or "St. Louis" since Sunday I haven't really been paying attention. Such is life. But there's still a lot of great first round games out there so take your night off and watch others bleed and take bad hooking calls. Check out rest of the warring SB Nation sites too:

Secondcityhockey_medium      Gasoline-lg_medium

Chicago VS Calgary

Thoughts: Part of me wants the Flames to win just to get the Hawks out. Part of me wants the Hawks to win because rooting for Calgary is just disgusting. The majority of me wants the United Center to be hit by a comet.


Bluejackets-lg_medium      Wingingitinmotown_medium

Columbus VS Detroit

Thoughts: Seriously? You can't honestly be rooting for Detroit. There's only one option in this one.


Stanley-lg_medium      Eyes-lg_medium

Boston VS Montreal

Thoughts: I dig that these guys can't stand each other and they should easily be able to top 20 penalties that the Canucks/Blues amassed last night. I don't really care who wins, but I would like to see Chara maul someone, even if it's a fan. Perhaps a child in a wheel chair, that seems about right.


Fear-lg_medium      Battle-lg_medium

San Jose VS Anaheim

Thoughts: I wish this game wasn't on so late because it should be the best of the bunch and at least come close, if not surpass, the Habs/Bruins in terms of hate and a smashmouth style of hockey. In most cases I'd go for the 8th seed, but not Anaheim. A tip of the glass to the Sharks obliterating them.

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