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The Playoffs Will Make Us Broke, Shirtless And Drunk (again)

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Once and awhile (when the team decides to make the playoffs), I become like the grinch who softens up at Christmas. My dark, evil heart sees the joy in the world and everything feels a bit better. Food tastes better. Beer tastes fantastic. And so on.

So, in that theme, I'm going to dust off something that has laid dormant since May of '07: Gettin' Ornery for Humanity.

The concept is simple: since we'll feel bad for the opposing team's city after we ruin their dreams of glory, the least we can do is be generous for a worthwhile cause. Two years ago we did that for a food bank in Dallas then sent the Stars packing. Even after Anaheim smoked us, the Children's Hospital of Orange County got some money since Vancouver stole a paltry single game in that series (so I got to be an ass on the donation itself).

And here we are again. Since we'll be upsetting the St. Louie natives, let's at least be altruistic: for every Vancouver win in this series, the St. Louis Blues 14 Fund will get $25 dollars. I know, it's nothing substantial, but hey, I ain't a millionaire. About the Fund:

The trust was created in 1998 to honor former Blues player Doug Wickenheiser, #14, who passed away from a long battle with cancer in early 1999. Originally named The Fourteen Fund, the St. Louis Blues name and Blue Note was recently incorporated into the name and logo of the trust.

The Blues 14 Fund focuses on four areas of giving, which include cancer care and awareness, health and wellness, education, and youth hockey development. Thanks to the commitment of Blues players, Blues alumni, volunteers and fans, the St. Louis Blues 14 Fund has contributed more than $1 million to the St. Louis community since its inception.

100 bucks to these good people and sending the Blues off golfing sounds like a win/win.

In addition, considering this year has been a particular trying one for Vancouver I want to go one step further, really for Luc Bourdon, our defenseman who was lost in an accident almost a year ago. The guys started this season with a tribute to him, they've worn the "LB" on their uniforms all year and I think you can credit at least part of Burrows play to the fact he lost his old roommate and good friend.

Because the Luc Bourdon Memorial Fund isn't up and running yet (why, I have no idea) I'll also be donating money to the Canucks for Kids foundation in Luc's name. Seems like the best way to go in the meantime. I don't know how much yet but it'll be decent enough, I'll figure it out once the dust settles on the post season.

If you are at all motivated to join me (in a recession!) to lose some money on something in addition to booze and wings in the coming days/weeks, feel free to drop me a line and I'll add your contribution to what I send to either the 14 Fund and/or Canucks For Kids.

Also, to quench that tangible itch you may have, there's still some time left to take a stab at a free Canucks home jersey that's up for grabs.

And last, but certainly not least, the minds behind Nucks Misconduct have a wager set up with the minds behind St. Louis Game Time. This could shock you but it involves, in part, alcohol. So yeah...NOW it's time to take this whole thing seriously.

Alright, that's enough of the touchy feely crap. Is it Wednesday night yet?