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Tuesday Morning Links

Twenty, twenty twenty-four hours to go...

- The how and why of solving Chris Mason.

- A playoff edition of the Kurtenblog podcast is up to get you through the morning.

- Here you go: the worst Photoshop job I've seen in a long, long time. There's a story in there but I never got past the graphic.

- Remember that Sundin guy? He wants to compete for the Cup it would seem. It's the least he could do at this point.

- KesLORD is looking forward to the post season after his early exit two seasons ago.

- Ohund plays chemistry teacher.

- Remember when Naslund skated with Isbister and secondary scoring was a problem? Not anymore.

- A look at the defense in front of Mason (though our take further down on the page is far better).

- Alanah has some playoff cards created for Vancouver. The Hordichuk one is awesome and should be on a t-shirt.

- Paul Kukla, Puck Daddy and's Tom Benjamin will be on the CBC tonight discussing the playoffs at 8:00 PM local time. Hit up for more.

...and from St. Louis...

- Mason has been, and will be, the key to the Blues run.

- A look at hot goalies in the playoffs gone by.

- Kariya doesn't make the trip West.

- SLGT has all you need for the Blues take on things, including a recap of their weekend and five reasons to pity Vancouver. They also have a disturbing video of a guy in a Canucks jersey making playoff predictions. Six minutes long and I got to 30 seconds before giving up. Terrible. The background is even worse, like the setting for a snuff film.

We can't compete with that, but let's try anyway. (At least the latter guy apologizes for his extended absense. Phew!)