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Know Your Enemy: The St. Louis Goalies

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We've seen what their defense looks like, so what about the guy they're standing in front of? It's worth asking because, if nothing else, both their guy and ours end the season as stars of the week.

Here are the goalies we wish to have several problems over the next several days (be they mental or physical, or better yet both):

St. Louis Goalie Pairings

Chris Mason
Ben Bishop

Perhaps you're thinking "where's that Legace individual?" Good question; the Blues sent their former #1 down to Peoria in early February because he was coughing up points/games in addition to rumors he was becoming a locker room cancer.

Fun fact: did you know that the Canucks actually claimed Legace on waivers back in 1999 when the Wings had Osgood and Ken Wregget on the roster but left him unprotected for two weeks and Detroit took him back? This is back when the 'Nucks net was protected by the likes of Snow and Schwab. Yikes.

Anyway, sending Legace down meant it was Chris Mason's game and he answered the call:


2008 - Chris Mason 57 3215 27 21 7 7 129 2.41 1544 1415 .916 6

Originally drafted by the Devils in 1995, Mason was the back-up in Nashville for six seasons before moving over to St. Louis. Chris "Overpaid?" Mason has been a savior for the Blues, gently leveling their listing club once Legace got sent down and he got his shot at being a legit #1. Mason has set career bests this season in terms of GAA, wins and shutouts. You can't ignore the defense in front of him either; very much a shutdown crew that will be blocking shots and removing the lanes so, with Mason behind them, it's a formidable bunch. For what it's worth, his career numbers against Vancouver: 1-4-1, 3.19 GAA, .892 save%, 0 SO.


2008 - Ben Bishop 6 245 1 1 1 1 12 2.94 112 100 .893 0

Let's start with Bishop being the tallest goalie in the NHL at 6'7'', edging out the Rangers' Valiquette by two inches. That's pretty cool. Bishop was drafted by the Blues 85th in 2005 and played three seasons at the University of Maine and five games this year for the Peoria Rivermen. Bishop made his NHL debut in October after Legace tripped over a rug during a pregame presentation that included Sarah Plain (so, yeah, there's some karma for ya). He last started a game in December and hasn't made a relief appearance since early March. He's never played Vancouver in his young career and I guess he likes hugging trees.

By The Numbers (for convenience let's just look at Luongo VS Mason)

2008-09 Games Started
Mason - 57
Luongo - 54

2008-09 Wins
Mason - 27
Luongo - 33

2008-09 Losses
Mason - 21
Luongo - 13

2008-09 Total Goals Against
Mason - 129
Luongo - 124

2008-09 Average Shots Against Per Game
Mason - 27.09
Luongo - 28.56

2008-09 Average Shot Distance
Mason - 35.02 ft
Luongo -35.49 ft

2008-09 Goals Against Average
Mason - 2.41
Luongo - 2.34

2008-09 Save Percentage
Mason - .916
Luongo - .920

2008-09 Shutouts
Mason - 6
Luongo - 9