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Monday Morning Links

We have a few days of nothing but a media onslaught of primers and predictions. So let's do this thing:

- Das Province and the Sun have their takes.

- Ed Willes asks if this is the best team in franchise history with a shot at the Cup.

- Conversely, MacIntyre thinks we're screwed.

- The fans have been waiting patiently for this week.

- Walt can't say enough good things about his opponent (damn straight).

- More Luongo/Vezina talk.

- Unless you're willing to sell a kidney, you best have a working TV handy for the games.

...and over in St. Louis...

- Kariya could be rejoining the Blues for game one.

- Jeff Gordon thinks it's "odd" that Kesler won the team MVP award (so we know one of their main beat guys writers doesn't follow Vancouver much).

- Some tales of the tape between the two clubs.

- Some notable Blues facts from their franchise history in the playoffs.

- This is a day old but worth noting: the city of St. Louis apparently woke up and realized they had a hockey team.

Lastly, it'll be a battle for the bottom of the barrel between the Dispatch's Blues Talk and the CDC. Go on either message board at your own peril.