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Canucks will face the Blues in Round 1

The Blues-Avalanche game today was quite similar to the Canucks-Avs game from yesterday. Boring. The Blues played a conservative system and limited Colorado's chances to lower-percentage opportunities, even though the shots were 28-17 Avs in the end, and Chris Mason looked sharp.

So this is almost a statement in itself by the Blues. "Yeah we can win 1-0 games too."

We'll have all sorts of previews for the Canucks and Blues here in the coming days.

I'm going to post a goals contest and the winner will get an RBK Canucks home jersey...more on that later.

The season series between Vancouver and St. Louis was a split.

January 9: 6-4 Blues

February 10: 6-4 Canucks

March 9: 3-0 Canucks

March 26: 4-2 Blues

More to come!

Commence bashing the loud-mouthed enemy at St. Louis Game Time. This is going to be fun.