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Trap trap trap all night long

Trap trap trap while I sing this song...

This game was far less exciting than the game against Chicago. Both teams played their tight defensive structures but the Canucks prevailed 2-1 to take over the top spot in the Northwest Division.

The stats in this game were mind-boggling. The Wild outshot the Canucks 34-19 overall, including 11-0 in the 3rd period and had 5 powerplay opportunities to Vancouver's 2, yet still came out the losers. The Canucks looked to trap and get the lead and just hold onto it until the game was over. Unfortunately Marian Gaborik tied the game only 5:14 into the 3rd period.

Yet there wasn't too much panic in the Canucks' camp. Well, Salo took that delay of game penalty late into the 3rd period to give the Wild a shot at a win but the Canucks killed off that penalty. The Canucks' PK was great all night.

Then in overtime, out of the blue, they break into the Wild zone in overtime and Hank Sedin blasts a slapper past Backstrom.

I'd say that win stuck a knife into Minnesota's playoff hopes but it did not fully do that. They now only trail the 8th spot by 3 points instead of 4. Still, this was a bit of a stinger.

Speaking of of stingers: The Canucks will be without Willie Mitchell for 6-8 weeks with a knee injury. That is one serious blow to the team. Oh god.....

Hey Calgary, how does it feel being second? It's about f@cking time!