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Yeah yeah, the Canucks beat the Sharks...but did you watch Kesler on After Hours?

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If you missed it, then you missed some serious comedic gold from Demitra AND Burrows. Check it out here.

If the link is shady, click Hockey Night In Canada on the mid sidebar, then click After Hours, and then find the March 7 AH date. You will watch a Bieksa bashing of Hordichuk posing naked with his newborn, plus Kesler on After Hours, where a lot of funny shiz happens.  It's the best After Hours I have ever seen.

The Canucks have a close-knit group, and that is very apparent in this clip.

What did you think of the game? I thought the Canucks came out strong but then once again sat back too much. End of the day, we win again and the Sharks' stupid winning streak over Vancouver is over.  The Canucks HAD to win that game and did.