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Wellwood, the defensive specialist

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Wellwood is stuck being our 3rd line center, and I have made it clear that I think he has been great defensively over the past few games. Alain Vigneault echoed those sentiments today, yet expressed concern over Woody's lack of offence.

“I have no issues with Kyle’s defensive responsibilities right now,” Vigneault said. “I think he’s been very good, very conscientious of what he’s supposed to do, who he is supposed to pick up on the rush, what he’s doing down low and helping out our D-men breaking out with the puck. That part of his game has been very, very good.

“It’s the offensive part that I want him to contribute more. He has the talent. He says that’s one of his strong suits. We need that part of his game to get better and he knows it.”

Wellwood's offence will come. In the meantime, he's learning the defensive part of his game, which goes with being a replacement for Kesler and Burrows, who have been promoted to the top 6.

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