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Scoreboard-watching Saturday

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The race ensues with several key games tonight.

The Wild have to beat the Flames tonight, not only so Vancouver gets a chance to pass the Flames on Sunday (oh hell yes), but also so that they can tie the Predators for 8th spot and not get left behind. Yes, GO WILD GO! You won't hear that from a Canucks fan very often.

At the same time, I'd like to see the Blues beat the Blue Jackets in regulation to keep Columbus 4 points behind us in the standings. If St. Louis wins, they could take over 8th spot.

Being a Hab and Rangers hater, I really want to see the Sabres beat Les Canadiens in regulation tonight to inch them closer to Montreal or even the Rangers. We'll see how many games Buffalo can win with Ryan Miller back in net.

Florida will then have to beat Dallas tonight with Montreal losing in regulation to tie the Habs at 85 points. But the Panthers are slowing.

Now you know who I'm rooting for. How about you (besides the obvious Flames fail)?

Just so you know, every team with a link attached to them leads to a blog on this network minus Columbus. Go ahead and check out those sites for live blogs of these games.