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Canucks vs Stars Pre Game / Game Thread

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TV: Sportsnet / FS - SW

ENEMY BLOG: Defending Big D



O'Brien will enjoying free snacks in the press box tonight as he sits in favor of Ossi Vaananen. With luck, the vowel master will play well with his linemates, help shutdown the best Dallas fowards and, ideally, not score into our net during a delayed penalty call (g/t to Alix who gets to eye up more Van man meat this evening)



More from the paper that started all of this "Lui is leaving" stupidity:

I didn't say I wanted to leave. I like Vancouver. It's a great city, and if we have the type of team we have today in two years, I don't see why I wouldn't be here. I think we have a great chance to win a Cup with this team."

There, happy now? In game related news:

- Burrows has never scored against Turco. Then again Turco has never scored on Burrows either. So take THAT you filthy Texan; the two should probably have a duel.

- Do the level of injuries on the Dallas offense remind you of the injuries on Vancouver's defense from last year?



From TSN (via Sports Network):

The Canucks aim for just their second win in their last 10 games as the guest versus the Stars in tonight's battle at American Airlines Center.

I didn't know the Canucks were THAT futile in Dallas. Well there you go Nucks, you're the underdogs tonight. The pundits don't think you're going to win.


If there was a place where the media and fans had reasons to complain about their hockey team's fortunes it's Dallas. Not Vancouver. I swear (and I have been guilty of it as well), most Canucks fans see too much rain or snow during these long winters and it turns many of us into negative idiots.

The Canucks pull out a stinker in Phoenix. Then Luongo goes on After Hours saying that at the end of the day he wants to play for the team that has the best chance of winning, and many fans feel betrayed somehow. Luongo's play has been questioned lately. Then Kesler's agent tries to put a halt to Kesler's claim that he or teammates should take a pay cut to enrich Vancouver's chances of being successful long term. You can tack on the Sedins and Ohlund contract talks as well.

Why the negative vibes in these good times? There is no point in looking so far ahead. How about some focus on the present? We have a hell of a team playing in front of us right now. The contract talks will be dealt with in the future. Luongo's game really isn't that bad and will only improve as the stretch drive comes to a close and the playoffs begin. Kesler will and can sign for whatever he wants. The Canucks have Luongo locked until the end of next year. If Mike Gillis acquires talent that makes us a contender we may not even lose Luongo.**UPDATE** Luongo talks about what he said on After Hours here. Anyone that knows anything about hockey shouldn't be surprised by what he says.

My fave rumor-analyzer Lyle Richardson agrees with me on Luongo:

If the Canucks, which have played very well in the second half, should go on a prolonged run in this summer's playoffs, possibly making it to either the Western Conference final or Stanley Cup Final, or even win the Cup, I think Luongo will give serious consideration to staying put.

The Coyotes game was just a stinker. Period. The players know it, they'll rebound and move forward. Even the best or elite teams put out stinkers every season.

Fans in Dallas have more reason to take a giant swig from the bottle of "cheer my ass up." The Stars have gone through too much adversity this season.

-The Avery incident.

-The crucial loss of the heart and soul and captain of the team due to a major knee injury: Brendan Morrow.

-The extended loss of Sergei Zubov.

-The loss of Brad Richards for over a month with a broken wrist. He comes back for one game and then breaks his hand. Done.

-The good and bad sides of Marty Turco,

-The uncharacteristically terrible special teams.

-The Stars lost all 3 road games last week against Calgary, Vancouver and San Jose and now sit in 12th spot in the West.

The Stars are not about to roll over and die.

The Canucks have a chance to stick a semi-dull dagger into the hearts of the Stars in front of their fans, and could really use the 2 points, as Calgary defeated the Red Wings 5-3 on Monday night and the Hawks are 2 points up. This is another statement game for the Canucks who play yet another desperate team.

The game promises to be intense, as the 2 teams don't like each other.Can someone beat Steve Ott's head in early in the game? Oh, and keep him away from Demitra. Ott hit Demitra last week and hurt his knee. It wasn't too serious, but still, Ott likes to run guys.


The Blue Jackets play in Tampa. That game starts an hour before the Canucks-Stars game. Look out for those resilient BJ's!