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Ryan Kesler's agent refutes Kesler's statement of taking a hometown discount

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From TSN:

In an interview with Vancouver radio station CKNW, Kesler's agent, Kurt Overheardt, stated that his client had been mis-quoted and that the 24-year old Kesler would be seeking fair market value when he becomes a restricted free agent following next season.

"I think that was completely taken out of context," Overheardt said of a quote that was attributed to Kesler following the signing of Canucks' forward Alex Burrows earlier in the month.

"Ryan's a young guy and he's worked very hard to be where he is right now," stated Overheardt.  "He's got a lot more potential, he's got a lot more to fulfill and a lot more responsibilities, so don't expect anything less from me than market value."

Well of course the agent is going to say that. There's less money in it for him if Kesler signed for less.

I'm not sure what part of what Kesler said should or could be taken out of context. Fucking agents.