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Canucks Final 20 Games At A Glance

When you're tucked away in the far reaches of the continent and get saddled with a travel schedule that would bulk load the Depends on most senior citizens (except Sundin), it's good to know that the final 20 games for the Vancouver Canucks are a bit more forgiving.

Starting tomorrow night against the Wild, the remaining opponents are:

Avs - 4 games
Kings - 3 games
Wild - 2 games
Ducks - 2 games
Stars - 2 games
Blues - 2 games
Blackhawks - 1 game
Sharks - 1 game
Coyotes - 1 game
Oilers - 1 game
Flames - 1 game

If your math is the same fifth grade C+ caliber as mine is, you'll see that's a possible 14 points sitting there against two of the worst teams in the conference. Pretending we get those points would take us from today's 72 points to 86. If you pay attention to Capt. Mirtle's 90 point playoff push you'll know that 90-95 points or higher is effectively a sure lock for the playoffs. Granted 90 points wouldn't have made the playoffs last year (Nashville squeaked in with 91) but just go with it.

Even if they can't rattle off those seven wins (and make no mistake, the Avs and Kings would like nothing more then to play the spoiler) the fact that the Sharks and Flames are only around once and the Wings not at all is quite favorable. If some of the bubble teams become sellers in two days, the road is even less rocky. Take a game from the Wild, Stars, Blues, dust off Phoenix and take the majority of the games against the Avs and Kings and the home stretch is looking good.

(h/t to the CDC for the reminder!)