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It's almost time to cut the contract talks

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Ohlund said about his contract talks recently:

"It's not a concern," he said. "I only want to be here if it's the right fit. I'll be happy whatever happens. There's 20 games left and I want to focus on that. We can talk in the summer time."

We need Ohlund to focus on the next 20 games. He has a no trade clause and has stated that he won't waive it. Gillis is not going to ask him to do so either. Add the Sedins, Burrows, etc who all become unrestricted free agents this summer, and there's the obvious fan/media reaction that we either need to get these players signed before the Deadline or get traded away so we can get some value in return.

I tell you what. How about we don't negotiate with any of them until the summer? Let's let these guys play their hearts out in a contract year and get the best out of them right now.  Ohlund, Burrows and the Sedins are playing so well for us. We are going to need that down the stretch. I think you'll see a growing trend of GM's waiting until summertime to negotiate, if they haven't already.

So sit down in your chair and tie you legs down to prevent a knee jerk reaction. The Canucks are not selling those players at the deadline. Nor should they. Team chemistry is a sensitive thing and shouldn't be tampered with, especially not with the top players and with the current success of the team. The Canucks players know this.

Now, the underachieving Wellwood and Pyatt, and the loud-mouthed Shane O'Brien are a different issue. None are in the top 6 (forwards) or top 4 (defence). It's not going to hurt the team to rid itself of any of these players. Not that I'm aware of. And those are the guys who you can expect to possibly be moved by March 4.


Wellwood looked great against the Jackets last night. He's making it tough on management to send him packing methinks. But I have a feeling he's gone, unless a 3rd line center cannot be acquired by Gillis.

Just spare me the anger by saying we should flog the Sedins or Burrows by Wednesday. People who say that have no knowledge of what is going on with this hockey team.

I hate all this trade babble as it is a distraction, and most of it is farce. I can't wait for March 4 to be over with, not only because I'm curious to see who Gillis adds, but more importantly that the trade talk simmers and we/the media/the team can focus on hockey and making the playoffs.

Although the Ohlund-Burrows-Sedins contract talks will persist, they should take a back seat to what the team is doing right now..and that is winning games down the stretch in hopes of securing a playoff berth and going deep in the playoffs. Ah yes, the playoffs. That's where players in contract years can really step it up.