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Now Ryan Kesler is encouraging Canucks to take pay cuts

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From The Province:

That's what we need everybody to do," said Kesler. "If we're going to win the Cup, we need guys to take pay cuts. The way the salary cap is now, you really can't get what you're worth now if you want to win. Everybody in this locker room knows that and for us to be a great team going forward, we're going to have to take a pay cut."


"I want to play here for a long time," said Kesler. "I think we can win with the group of guys we've got here and that's the important thing. I like the direction. We're not in a rebuilding phase and I like that this organization wants to win badly."

Well isn't this great? Two of the best Canucks are preaching cuts and love playing for a "winning" franchise. I don't know if this will mean anything to Ohlund or the Sedins, but it will definitely make Vancouver a more attractive place to play if they need to go the free agent route.

Great stuff.