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The goal against that almost sunk the Canucks

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That Kopitar goal - over 40 feet out - garbage.


"I was expecting pass the whole time," Luongo said. "When he threw it on net, I kinda got stuck on my post and it went right over my pad. It was unfortunate, but we battled back and I was able to shut the door after that."


Can you imagine the attitude of Canucks fans had Luongo not been bailed out by Henrik Sedin and the Kings pulled out a win?

It's a good thing the team isn't fragile. And it's a damned good thing that Luongo can let in a stinker, get mad at himself, and then compete extra hard to make amends for it. The greats can do that so effectively. Patrick Roy made a living out of letting in strange, uncharacteristic goals only to to completely shut the door after that.

I was feeling the fear after the gaff. I underestimated their resolve last night after Kopitar's goal, I'll admit it. That was an amazing statement by Hank Sedin and the Canucks to score about 90 seconds after the Luongo gaff and then to score again 30 seconds later. What a goal!


"To bad it (Hank's 2-goal game) only happens every 100 games," brother Daniel said. "Third time," Henrik said of his double. (Vancouver Sun)

Nice. Some humor from the Twins.

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