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Canucks-Kings preview / Game Thread: Unleash Hell

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TV: Sportsnet Pacific

ENEMY BLOG: Battle Of California



It appears Raitis Ivanans will return to the Kings' lineup tonight in place of the ever-disappointing Kyle Calder. Know who Ivanans is? You will. He looks more like a WWE wrestler.

Ivanans fears no one. Look for him to take liberties on Canuck players..and we'll see how well Hordichuk does against him. (Run Hordi run!-haha)


What's Roberto's record when he has Gillis-type bags under his eyes and looks like his kid kept him up all night? TSN Ice Chips video for the Canucks-Kings can be found here.


MSM Sports lists the Canucks as Top-10 Stanley Cup potentials. That's an easy assessment considering we are 5th in the West. Vancouver is picked 9th out of 10 on their list. The article says:

The Canucks, at best, are among the middle tier of Stanley Cup hopefuls, but they can win any game, any series, with Roberto Luongo in net. There appears to be enough scoring and the defense corps has talent and toughness if not an over-abundance of depth. A nice pick as an upset team.

Well, I guess it's alright that we aren't considered contenders. Wouldn't want this team living with that kind of pressure.


The Canucks now return home to play 4 straight games at GM Place. They will need to put that dismal little California road trip behind them. I have full confidence that they will come charging out of the gate against the Kings tonight, not only because they have won 7 straight at home, but also because they will be motivated to make amends for that atrocious effort against the Kings on Monday, and the improved, but still half-hearted game against the Ducks. I anticipate a win.

The Kings have lost 4 straight games in a row on the road. But they now have won 3 in a row, all at home. The Kings are 13-15-1 on the road. The Canucks are 18-11-4 at home.

I don't know what Luongo said to the team after the loss after the Ducks, but I hope it involved a baseball bat and 1000 obscenities. I hope fire shot out of his mouth as he kicked each Sedin in the ass.

I'm not seeing many updates on the team anywhere. It's fair to assume that Alain Vigneault will go with the exact same lineup. I have been reading on "the boards" that maybe Jason Labarbera should start tonight. To that I say: "rubbish". Luongo will continue to hone his skills until the Canucks play back to back games, which happens on March 26 and 27 by the way.

What else is there to be said? I think we've analyzed and ranted ourselves to death over the past 2 games.

There's no use in the team being complacent because they sit 6 points up on 9th spot. Catching Calgary is now a complete long shot and finishing 7th or 8th in the end would be insane. And ignore stories like this that say the Canucks should make the playoffs if they win 8 of their last 16 games. Bullshit. Win at least 12 of them!

Go out there and unleash hell, boys! Show no mercy. Put these douchebags out of the playoffs.


Checking Canucks fans' confidence level once again

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