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Sedins/Ohlund contract talks will linger down the stretch

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In regards to the Sedins, the Province mentioned:

A TEAM 1040 poll last week showed that 79 per cent of respondents don't think the Sedin twins are worth $6- $7 million US a year on a long-term contract.

To that, The Province says: Duh. No kidding.

Even the Sedins would likely side with the majority on that one, as they haven't asked the Canucks for anything close to $7 million US a year.

"No, we haven't asked for that at all," Daniel Sedin said laughing at the mere suggestion.

"Everything we've said in the past is still true. We want to be here for the long-term. This is where we want to be and we want to stay together." Know this -- there are only 13 forwards in the NHL this year who have a cap hit of more than $6.5 million. It is rarefied air. Of the 13 forwards, 10 have played in a Stanley Cup Finals. The other three are Joe Thornton, Tomas Vanek and Alex Ovechkin.

It is unfortunate that these contract issues with especially the Sedins and Ohlund are garnering any attention right now. Sure, the team is turning it around, but you'd hope this isn't too much of a distraction. It's probably more of a distraction to the fans than the players. The players will continue to play hard in the final contract year to show their worth. At the same time, the Satellite Hotstove panel on HNIC last night hinted that it could be a distraction to the players as they have families and the instability of location after this season lingers. I don't know how much that affects the players. Ohlund has already stated that he'll want market value and will most likely let negotiations run on into the summer. There he'll most likely not get the money he wants from Vancouver and hit the free agency market. So we know his intentions. Ohlund will play his heart out for us this season, so let's kick some ass.

The Sedins' scenario is more complicated now, as there are length and dollar issues on the table. They have made it clear that they want to stay here and also that they will return to Sweden years before retirement age to play there. So maybe they will play here for $5 million each. If that is their terms over a 4-5 year tenure, I'd say SIGN THEM UP.