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Q&A with Shane O'Brien

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What is the story behind your number?

It had a little bit to do with the double hitters, I’d always watch the late game in Ontario and a lot of times it was Vancouver. Ed Jovanovski wore 55 and I liked the way he played, that had a little bit to do with it. And also Larry Murphy in Tornoto wore 55 and I liked the way he moved the puck around.

It was always a number I couldn’t have growing up because it was a high number and wherever I played for some reason it was only low numbers. I was lucky enough to get to the NHL and it was available so I decided to go with it.

Just don't completely model yourself after Jovo and Murphy, O'Brien. Jovo is a tough competitor, but he sure coughed the puck up and got caught up ice a lot when he was in Vancouver. Larry "Wee" Murphy may have been able to move the puck around well, but he was a gutless coward. Just ask Chris Chelios.

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