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Guess The Canucks Moves At The Deadline, Win Stuff

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We are T-minus eight days away from the NHL trade deadline and your Vancouver Canucks rarely make a big splash (the epic steal that was Mika Noronen notwithstanding).

They don't often stand still either. This year Gillis has hinted he may just do that. But will he really?

Since he took the reigns of this team last April and flipped the "detonate" switch, the Canucks have ditched the likes of Isbister, Naslund, Ritchie, Miller & Morrison in favor of Wellwood, Johnson, Bernier, Demitra, O'Brien and Sundin.

(For the record, those who left Vancouver have had practically zero success: Isbister flipped off Ottawa and went to EV Zug of the Swiss Nationalliga A, Naslund helped kill a coach in New York, Ritchie is playing for Geneve-Servette HC of the National League A, Miller retired and Morrison has had little luck in Anaheim. Cue your schadenfreude accordingly.)

Things looked bleak in January but the Canucks have found their spine, swagger and NHL-approved moxie, rolled off eight wins in February and are in the thick of the playoffs again.


With the Sundin gamble and the prospect of potentially substantial roster changes during the offseason, the pressure is on for Gillis to make a run at the cup with this team. Now.

So what will he do on his first trade deadline as a GM? And better still what do the Canucks need in return? Grade A-talent like Bouwmeester or any number of names that are being whispered including Vermette, Antropov (for the love of sweet god no!), Guerin, Smyth, Hejduk, Nylander, one of the million Staals, on and so forth...

As long as we're all guessing why not make it fun, eh? Leave what move(s) you think Gillis will make in the comments. If you think Gillis will make three moves, say who is moving for what. If just a single move, leave something like "he'll get player X for a 6th round pick from Nashville". The more info the better in case of a tie. And saying they'll do nothing doesn't count smart guy.

First person who makes a correct guess in the comments wins. And this isn't just for the deadline day itself; with just a week away Gillis could pull the trigger at any moment, especially after his team is laughed out of Montreal. So if you have a hunch, get it in there.

For the winner they'll win a signed copy of Neil Diamond's "You Don't Bring Me Flowers", a simply amazing portrait of one of music's modern day...wait, what? No? No good? You picky people. Fine. I'll keep it. (I will smack you in the mouth I'm NEIL DIAMOND!)

Instead, the winner gets a copy of Forever Faithful: The Canucks Movie. If you'd like I'll even fake the signature of your favorite player on it so you feel special.

So go forth, induce a Hordichuk "blackout" if necessary and embrace the inner Mike Gillis in you. Good luck.

And for all trade deadline moves and thoughts, you know what to do...

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