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SB Nation, Nucks Misconduct and Yahoo! Sports

It's almost surreal. A couple weeks after joining SB Nation they merge with Yahoo Sports. This is a splendid development for both Mike and myself.

The great thing about this is that Nucks Misconduct has a spot at the Canucks' home page at Yahoo Sports. 

Excellent work by the SportsBlogs Nation staff. It is an honor to go along on this ride.

To our new Yahoo! friends: One of the best things about SB Nation is that it's more about fostering a community of fans and not just the folks behind the site. A few of the things that allow that to happen the best are Fanposts and Fanshots, integral parts of how SB Nation works. I'd recommend reading an overview of these tools that the SB Nation Chicago Cubs site has to get a better understanding of them. Once you do, you''ll be off and running on not just how to be an active member, but an active voice on Nucks Misconduct.

We will continue to bring you all the Canucks news that we can find and of course,  voice our opinions in our own way.Thanks to all of the Canucks and hockey fans who have joined us here already.

Read more about the Yahoo! partnership over at the Blog Huddle.