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Mike Gillis does not plan on making many or any moves at the Trade Deadline

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From (and of course a hat tip to the CDC forum guys):

Mike Gillis said he has freedom from ownership to spend to the salary cap to make the Vancouver Canucks a better team before 3 p.m. ET on March 4, but the first-year general manager doesn't sound like he's yearning to throw around money before the trade deadline.

Gillis is happy with the Canucks as currently constructed and believes the risk of upsetting the apple cart on a team that has won eight of nine games this month may not be worth the reward.
With Burrows clicking with the Twins and the RPM line looking pretty dangerous on most nights, there really isn't a point in making a big move. However, I just wonder about Line 3 with Wellwood-Bernier-Pyatt. It shows a lot of potential but isn't getting the results. They may come.

The Canucks have 4 games left before the deadline. The only thing that will force Gillis hand to pull the trigger on something serious is if a major injury occurs to one of the top 6 or a defenceman. (Cue the Salo Glass comments).

Other than that, I think I agree with Gillis' stance. Don't fix it if it isn't broken.

I see Mike posted a link to a Mike Gillis press conference transcript today. That's worth a read if you want to know what his confidence level is of signing the Twins, his ride as a player agent and now a GM, his thoughts on Mats Sundin, and even the Trade Deadline.