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Damien Cox asks for "class" from Leaf fans on Saturday

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Mr. Cox, who I don't always agree with, wrote an intriguing piece in the Star today, asking fans to show some appreciation for Mats Sundin when the Canucks hit the ice at the ACC on Saturday.

He did say to show some class initially, and then hopes the Leafs players knock the big Swede around all night to make his return a not-so fun experience.

From the Star:

When he returns, Sundin will thus look familiar to Toronto fans, but not the marquee force he was for them all those years. Not yet, anyway.

Leaf fans, really, should care about only two Sundin related issues. First, that the classy Swede grew sick of the screwed-up manner in which the Toronto operation was being run. Are things different under Brian Burke? We're still learning the answer to that question.

Second, as with any number of good players in recent years, Sundin left town without fetching any assets in return. This is an organization that has consistently been unable to understand that the best time to move athletes is at the peak of their value, not when they've outlived their usefulness.

None of this was Sundin's fault. Those who accuse him of lying to the Leafs about his true intentions are fools. Those who would jeer him upon his return belong to the same category.

In my opinion, I think people should show Mats some appreciation as well, but they don't have to.

They paid a hefty price for those tickets and can do whatever they want. Some players take the boo's as a compliment. Hopefully Sundin can do that as well, because whether anyone asks for class or not, people will both cheer and boo Sundin on Saturday.

Can't wait. I hope Mats tears the Leafs apart only to anger the fans even further.