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Canucks' moral victory great, yet questions still remain

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The Canucks achieved yet another character win last night by erasing 2-0 and 3-1 deficits to beat the Coyotes 4-3. I am about as happy as a pig in shit about this win yet not totally satisfied.

Two big question marks remain:

-When is Roberto Luongo going to bring his A-game?

-When is the revolving door game for the 3rd man on the Sedin line going to end?

Please allow me to focus on the latter question, because I have no doubts that Louie is going to return to form.

It was great that Alex Burrows received the promotion to the Sedin line tonight but let's face it..twas a failure. 15:24 played, zero points, and 1 shot for Burrows tonight.

This is not the line he belongs on. I think it's pretty obvious that the only type of player that will succeed on the Twins' line is a lumbering, over-sized player with a finishing touch. Burrows mentioned pre game that he was just going to close his eyes and if he felt the puck on his stick, he'd shoot it at the net.  I know, it was said a bit in humorous form but yet reeked of truth. I do not believe that Burrows is going to bang 30 goals in a season anytime soon. His inconsistency offensively during his tenure as a Canuck has proved that. 

He may prove me wrong in the near future, but I'm banking on the opposite.

No, the best fit for the Sedins on this current roster may just be Taylor Pyatt. Let's be honest...he's not good enough. I think that Mike Gillis needs to acquire an Anson Carter-type to fill the role by the deadline. It's funny, most people mock me for even bringing up that name. Yet he had 33 goals playing with them and was the only mainstay we've had on that line. Great hands, finish and size. Plus an uncanny ability to bag goals around the net.

I think Brendan Shanhan (as an example) would have been a perfect fit. Hell, Trent Klatt wasn't even all that bad on that line, yet guys like Markus Naslund failed.

Why am I being a party pooper? Because I want this issue resolved. The RPM line looks great and I wouldn't want that changed. But it's time to shore up the Sedin line. I want some stability there.