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Sundin knows Sundin

"As I said, it's a process for myself, but I think the last four or five games at least it feels like the legs and everything is there," Sundin said. "I don't feel better or worse than I thought I would after whatever number of games we have played here."

Sundin is saying that he has known all along how his body would react to the 9 month layoff and how long it would take him to get back into game shape. He has remained confident that he would get to this point all along.

So who's knocking him for going to Whistler during the All Star break now? Anyone calling him "another Messier all over again?"

I have been a huge fan of Sundin for so long now and it's great to see that is turning out to be the player that we expected him to be. 7 points in his last 3 games. 10 points in his 12 games as a Canuck. Hey, he's becoming that point-per-game guy that we had hoped for. He's not taking the costly penalties anymore either.

It's amazing how much scrutiny he was under from fans and media while he was trying to get back in shape. Well that is all in the past now. The panic is about done and over with.

It's great to see. Keep it up, Mats.

Now, if only we could see him do something like this just once in a Canucks jersey:


Yeah, 6 points!