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Rumored line changes for the Canucks: Burrows promoted to Sedin Line

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A poster at mentioned that the Canucks were practicing with these lines today:


I haven't found a news link to back that up. However, do those combo's make you a little bit curious? Burrows on the top line? What was the last time that ever happened? He has earned that chance though. Inserting Wellwood makes sense because the 3rd line lost it's natural center when Ryan Kesler was promoted to line 2 with Sundin and Demitra. When are we going to stop calling that line 2? It's actually line 1, isn't it? That's where all the bling is.

Mason Raymond played only 9:11 against the Blues. He had no points, no shots and was a -1 in the victory. I guess that stats don't favor him right now. But we'll need Wellwood to chip in if this new look is true. He does have a better faceoff winning percentage than Johnson does. Maybe that's why Johnson is getting bumped back down to Line 4.

Having said all this, is there any reason why Alain Vigneault should be juggling the lines after 3 straight wins? I know there's always room for improvement, but this could be viewed as tampering with a winning combination. Was Pyatt all that bad with the Sedins? Besides being nicknamed Pylon and all, I didn't think he was playing all that poorly in recent games. Pyatt had 1 assist against the Blues and the Sedins had zero points. It's not like they didn't have chances.

On paper, I like the look of those lines. We'll see how they pan out. I may question Vigneault's motives here, yet I trust the guy.