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Cursing About The Kariyas With Blues Fans. Perhaps.

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Nearly a month ago to the day, Mats Sundin made his Canuck home debut against the St. Louis Blues. Little did we know that the Andy Murray's game plan was as simple as it was ingenious: let #13 take himself out of the game.

In what would start an annoying trend, Sundin would take a slashing call with less then three minutes remaining and the Blues' Brad Boyes would score the winning goal and join the other equally strange named B.J. Crombeen and T.J. Oshie in downing Vancouver 6-4. Not only did it start the Sundin/box thing, but also the eight game losing streak the Canucks just ended.

And all of that from the team that's last in the conference and itself littered with Leaf cast aways? Yeah, time for a little bit of a payback.

To help us enjoy the moment and ensure we all learn new slang involving Swedes and Pyatt's eyes, we'll be sharing the first two periods with St. Louis Game Time. The plan is simple: they'll be sending their readers over here for the first period and then we'll all join them over on their site for the second. The third can be enjoyed at either site or underneath the stool at your local bar or female entertainment venue.

There'll be some hilarious cursing going back and forth, be warned now. But as long as Sundin keeps himself out of the box, we're good to go.