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Conspiracy Theorists Unite: Is The Orca Going Extinct?

Icethetics, probably the best jersey concept/update site on the web, posted a piece last week about the possibility of the Orca Whale logo on the Canucks jersey going bye-bye. The site manager, Chris, had received an email from a Canucks fan who mentioned that he thought the Orca extinction was a possibility because of:

1. In January 2008, the Acquilini Investment Group changed the name of Orca Bay Sports and Entertainment to Canucks Ports and Entertainment.

2. The direction noticed in Canucks marketing.

Chris mentioned that the Sabres and Canucks will be celebrating their 40th year in the NHL in 2010-11, and that the Sabres have already talked publicly about reverting to their classic logo and that the Canucks may follow suit.

Who knows for sure. It's speculation at this point. Check out two Icethetics posts on that here and here.

Now, let's hear YOUR opinion. What logo would you prefer to be the dominant one? Here are your options (more or less as is being dictated by the current market)...