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Canucks 4 Blues 3 (OT)

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What a beautiful sight. And what a killer way to enter our New Year's Eve celebrations. The Canucks, outshooting the Blues 23-13 in the 2nd and 3rd periods erased a 3-0 deficit and beat the Blues in overtime. Christian "Blastoff" Ehrhoff sealed the deal 2:24 into OT with a rocket to cap the comeback. Yes, the Blues are fragile at home, and kudos to the Canucks for not quitting when all seemed lost.

-Lousy game by the refs. If Rick Rypien's wrist wrap is illegal now...well, he's had that on for quite some time. That 5:00 penalty costed us a Blues' PP goal against and set us behind early. What a fight though! A classic! Cam Janssen was bleeding like a gutted pig! Lovely!

In the end, when your team wins, it doesn't matter. I tip my hat to the Canucks for staring adversity in the face and licking it in the balls. What a win!

-BTW, Aaron Rome played 10:20, had 1 shot and no points. He was an even 0.  Didn't hear much about him, right? Well that is not necessarily a bad thing.



My 3 Stars:

1. Christian Ehrhoff. 24:17 time on ice, the winning goal and a +2.

2. Henrik Sedin. 1 goal and 1 assist. A +1 and 23:53 played

3. Andy McDonald, I suppose. 2 points. Don't care.

Check out the Ripper-Janssen fight, as this one will go down in the books:

There is no doubt that Rick Rypien is the best fighter pound-for-pound out there.