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Coyotes 3 Canucks 2 (SO)

There was once a time when Jason LaBarbera, who then played for the Canucks, had basically said: "Let me know how to win in a shootout because I have no fucking clue." Well that was not the case tonight, as Barbie was heroic in the shootout. You could tell that he was pumped after stopping the final shooter, Mikael Samuelsson probably because:

1. He defeated his former team

2. He won in a shootout, which is a rare occurrence for him even though he has done so for the Coyotes earlier in the year.

That was a chess match if I've ever seen one. Both teams played so well, but now you can see the defensive game that Phoenix employs. It's money. It's also something that I wish the Canucks would get back to.

Hey! We got the loser point in the shootout! This really isn't so bad. However, this puts the Canucks in a 3-way tie in the Western Conference standings. Could have been a lot worse. Finally, the goose egg in the OTL column is gone.

-Christian Ehrhoff played more than any other player tonight (except Adrian Aucoin) and was a +2.



1. Mikael Samuelsson

2. Jason LaBarbera

3. Roberto Luongo

I have no clue. It was a tight game.