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Canucks Rumor Du Jour: They Are Interested In Ilya Kovalchuk

Tweeted by NHLSourcesSay, who writes for

The Thrashers may want a D-man instead of Cory Schnieder. The Canucks offer would then be a 1st round pick, Demitra, Grabner, and a D-man.
First of all, it's just a rumor. Secondly...with (especially) Ryan Kesler and Mason Raymond's contracts ending after this season (plus several d-men), the Canucks are going to need to pony up the cash to keep them here. Kovalchuk is making $7.5 million this season and is looking to make Ovechkin-type money next season ($9 million). Tell me where the Canucks are going to find that kind of money. On another super-long-term front-loaded contract? This trade is not going to happen, unless a lot of the current roster is pissed away whether that be now or in the summer..

Just my 2 cents. What's yours?