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Canucks' D May Get A Minor Facelift / Grabner Close

Thanks to Missy for passing on the link.

Jason Botchford from the Province reports that Alexander Edler is practicing with the team and is close to returning. Botchford also states that the way Aaron Rome was practicing with the team, he will probably replace Mathieu Schneider for Friday's game against the Capitals. Schneider is looking bewildered out there and is a step behind most of the time. We are also not getting the production from him on the power play.

I'm all for Aaron Rome jumping in. He's quicker and hopefully more steady in the defensive zone. It won't hurt to get Edler back either.


Also, Michael Grabner is close to returning. He is saying he feels no pain right now after skating. Alain Vigneault has said today that sending Grabner to Manitoba for a conditioning stint would be "logical."