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Man In The Mirror: Wild-Canucks Game Thread

I'm liking the events surrounding the Canucks over the past few days. A challenge from the coach on Wednesday, an angry rant from the GM on Thursday, a win over the Thrashers on Thursday night, and then a Mitchell/Kesler scrum in practice on Friday. For a team that wins a couple of games and looks good doing it followed by a couple of uninspired losses, which has been the theme of the year so far, it's good to see some passion and intensity showing itself from management-down. Results have to follow, or there will be consequences. We are built to win NOW. I don't think Gillis will stop at anything to get it done.

Enjoy the game!



I'm telling them to change their ways

And my message cannot be any clearer

If you wanna shit the bed in a playoff race

I'll put my foot in your ass and I'll make a change

Na-na-na, na-na-na, nah na-nah


You know that tune, ha!