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Mitchell vs Kesler / Hodgson To Carry Torch / Inspiration / Krajicek

Don't read too much into the Kesler-Mitchell scuffle at Canucks' practice today. According the the Sun, Willie Mitchell accused Ryan Kesler of slashing him during a drill. Kesler hollered back: "It's never your fault, Willie!" Pushing ensued, nothing much more. Read more on that, including coach and player remarks here. 

You may remember the Mitchell/O'Brien-Raymond incident from January 29, 2009. That was during the January to forget. What followed 2 nights later was a 4-3 OT loss to the Wild, followed by Vancouver winning 9 of 11 games in February, 11 of 15 games in March, and 3 of 6 games in April. 


Cody Hodgson was told by his dad that the mayor of his hometown of Markham Ontario wanted to speak with him. Hodgson was informed that he would receive the honor of carrying the Olympic torch to represent his town.


As far as Canucks fans go, Parksy is one that I respect and hold in high regard. He has created another Canucks inspirational video that you gotta check out. Nice work! Check out his YouTube channel here.


Oh and one more thing...The Lightning have placed former Canuck Lukas Krajicek on waivers today.