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Christian Ehrhoff + Google Translation = Pure Gold

"I actually live right on the Stadium, GM Place."
"I actually live right on the Stadium, GM Place."

Currently fourth in team scoring and tied for fourth in scoring for defensemen (11 pts), Christian Ehrhoff has had a good start to the season. Curious to pick his brain, German (or Austrian?) sports website caught up with Mr. Ehrhoff and asked him some questions about the Olympics, playing with the twins and his early career influences (thank you Marco Sturm).

Since I'm no German scholar, I popped the link into Google Translation. Little did I know some of what would come out at the end would be comedic gold.

Give it a read, it's a good interview. I'm 90% certain you can blame the translation service for the inadvertent stand-up routine, but damn there's some wonderful one-liners in there. My favorite?

SPOX: How are the two [The Sedins] on it? Allow yourself time and joking that they simply swap the roles?
Ehrhoff: By now probably no longer. I was fucked at least not yet, fortunately.

"I was fucked at least not yet, fortunately." Say that to a stranger once a day and you could write a book based on the responses. Beautiful, I love you Google Translation.

(h/t CDC)