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Bench-Clearing Brawl Time! Canucks vs Kings Blasts From The Past

Love old school hockey. Love the bench-clearing brawls. As a precursor to the Kings-Canucks preview, here are some of the best of them between those 2 teams from the past (not in any particular order).

February 24, 1982: I gotta say, I really miss Jim Robson, no offense to Mr. Shorthouse.

I don't know what year in the 1970's this was from, but geez, those Kings didn't look so tough in those yellow pajamas did they? (Somebody shoot that damned trumpet player)

This one's not a bench-clearing brawl but it's fun to watch. The Canucks sucked under Mike Keenan, but they sure were tough: Brashear, Staios, McAllister, Ciccone, etc.

Just to add a few more moments of violence and aggression, here are some other Canucks-Kings clips you might enjoy.

-Donald Brashear vs Mark Visheau, December 1998. (Visheau is french for "just got my ass beat")

-Brashear vs Doug Zmolek, January 1998. (Zmolek is American for: "eats many lefts")

-Gino Odjick vs Marty McSorley. (Yeah, listen to that crowd at the Pacific Coliseum. Almost gives me chills)

-And just because it still makes me laugh to this day, here is Jan Bulis hip-checking Jack Johnson.

Hope you enjoyed these.