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Evacuate The Dance Floor: Blackhawks 1 Canucks 0

Final shot count: Canucks 30 Hawks 17

It what was projected to be perhaps a goal-fest turned into a chess match between evenly (?) matched teams. Sure, Antii Niemi stole the show tonight, but I have to be honest here: he had to be solid not GREAT. Niemi was solid along the ice with his saves and that is where the Canucks put most of their shots tonight. It reminded me of a recent Andrew Raycroft game or two where he was "dominant". That is where you can also credit the rest of the Blackhawks team for limiting Vancouver's quality chances. However, they were hardly any better than we were.

Ugh. To have the game decided by a lousy-bounce goal by Bryan Bickell....depressing. I can hardly fault the Canucks' play except that they couldn't present a formidable scoring chance on Niemi except for Steve Bernier's breakaway, which was stopped by Auntie....along the ice.

Daniel Sedin may need another game or two to get into his groove. Kyle Wellwood especially is running out of chances. No shots or points for him tonight. That is all I have to say about this mishap. So unfortunate. Now we wait until Thursday for the next game to see what our team is made out of.

Chicago got their "revenge", and no taxi drivers were hurt in the process.



3 Stars:

1. Aunti Niemi

2. Jonathan Toews

3. Roberto Luongo