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Zandberg's Top 10 Rick Rypien Fights

It took a while to go through all of Rick Rypien's fight's on YouTube and then rate them all, but it was time well spent! Has there been a better Canucks fighter since Gino Odjick? I don't know. Rick Rypien has been dubbed the "Pit Bull" and "Middleweight Champion of the NHL" by Tom Larschied. It's hard to argue that. Hell, Ripper will fight the big guys too. With the big layoff between games, we are here to entertain you!

So without further to do, I give you my Top 10 Rick Rypien fights. Enjoy.

10. Rypien vs Hal Gill (October 2009). "Somebody get him a ladder!"

9. Rypien vs Zach Stortini (October 2009) Pop goes Zach's helmet!

8. Rypien vs Mike Moore (October 2008). Decision..Ripper!

7. Rypien vs Jeremy Reich (September 2009). A treat for Terrace, BC. I think Reich takes this one, but it was a beauty regardless.

6. Rypien vs Brandon Prust (October 2008). Short and sweet.

5. Rypien vs Zach Stortini (April 2009) Apeman Stortini eats a hard left early and barely recovers.

4. Rypien vs Ole-Kristian Tollefsen (February 2008). Ole! Tolly gets his ass beat!

3. Rypien vs Brendan Brooks (2007?). Good lord, how many punches does Ripper (then with the Moose) throw here? What a tilt!

2. Rypien vs Brad May (November 2009). I still tip my hat to the older May dropping them with Rypien. He held his own for a bit there.

1. Rypien vs Ryan Carter (September 2009). Oh Carter, next time listen to your buddies when they tell you not to mess with the "middleweight champion of the NHL". This is rag doll city. This is my homer side coming out. Love the ass-whoopin' put on by Ripper here.