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Mike Gillis Talks To Media About His Canucks At Quarter Point of Season

Gillis_morgans_final_medium I'll keep this brief.

-"We are going in the direction that we want with a lot more speed and a lot more intensity but when you have a lot of injuries you have to go backwards from that."

-"I think that we have a really good team here and I think that once we get everybody back in the lineup and healthy we'll have a really balanced scoring lineup."

Gillis then talked about Daniel Sedin's injury and how the evaluation process of his return is determined.

About Kyle Wellwood: "I think in the last few games we've seen Kyle begin to pay attention to detail a lot more. He's winning faceoffs, he's carrying the puck, he's more involved in the play and when he plays that way it's only a matter of time before he starts producing." Gillis mentioned that with illness and the injury that Wellwood got off to a rough start and his confidence took a bit of a beating. Gillis mentioned that he's confident in Wellwood.

The Mike Gillis interview can be found here.