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Report: Forsberg Will Play For Modo, Not In NHL

Forsberg_modo_medium Thanks to Beantown Bobby Canuck for bringing it up initially, and to javaball for posting it in the FanShot section.

The Team 1040 reported today that Peter Forsberg has informed the Canucks and every other NHL team that was interested in him that he plans on playing for Modo this season and will not return to the NHL. Dan Murphy has just reported the same thing on Twitter. It has been reported that Forsberg has every intention of playing for Sweden at the Winter Olympics in Vancouver. Mike Gillis said today:

"My understanding is Peter is going to stay and play in MoDo and he won't return to the NHL this year," he said. "He made it [the decision] because it's more of a day-to-day thing with his foot as opposed to a situation where he's confident he can play.
"I think it's a tribute to him that he didn't want to put himself in a position where he's taking a roster spot and not being an everyday player on an NHL team."

Rumors now persist that Markus Naslund, club director of Modo will come out of retirement and play with his good buddy. That has not been confirmed, and Naslund has told the Swedish papers recently that he has no regrets about retiring. We shall see about that. Naslund has wanted to play with Forsberg for a long, long time now. It just never worked out at the NHL level.

As for Forsberg..if these reports are true, I tip my hat to him for making up his mind so quickly. No repeat of an aging Swede fiasco in Vancouver this year. Now let's see what other tricks Gillis has up his sleeve.