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Detroit Capitalizes On Their Chances; Canucks Don't

At one point in this game the Canucks were outshooting the Red Wings 26-16 and the score was 1-1. But when Henrik Zetterberg roofed a back hander on Roberto Luongo 8:00 into the 3rd period, there was a realization that:

A: The Red Wings have skilled players that can bury their chances

B: At this point the Canucks do not have those type of players right now.

Almost end of story right there. Luongo was gold, and his mates did not bury their chances. That is the theme of the current Vancouver squad: they can't score.

Jimmy Howard may have been the game's top star, but he didn't have to be great. He was in position for most of the Canucks' shots and we couldn't bury our chances. It really emphasizes the point that Daniel Sedin is sorely missed right now.

Kyle Wellwood was on the hot seat tonight and how did he perform? Zero points and zero shots on goal.  But he is sound defensively isn't he?



I think that one of the biggest highlights of the night for Canucks fans was the scrap: