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Give Your Balls a Tug: Canucks & Blues

In happier times...
In happier times...

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Vancouver Canucks
@ St. Louis Blues

Tuesday, Nov 10, 2009, 5:00 PM PST
Scottrade Center
Opposition Blog: St. Louis Game Time

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When we last saw the Blues, they were sulking off the ice after Alex Burrows snuck one through Mason's five hole to end their wild ride of a season. I still can't believe they swept them.

No time for living in the rear view. Both teams are different now and both would have liked better starts to their season. Unlike Vancouver, our friends in St. Louis have figured out how to stay healthy (notably Paul Kariya, Erik Johnson and Eric Brewer) but are still failing on the ice. As Sean noted earlier, their problem isn't the defense, it's the offense. The Blues aren't getting the stellar production they got from guys down the stretch last year like Backes (2 points) and Oshie (4 points, though he was out with an injury). Actually no one on the team has more than ten points. Both their PP% and goals per game are in the bottom five for league totals which helps underscore the reality: the Blues ain't bad, they're just not producing. Sooner or later, that will change.

And fun fact: Mike Weaver leads them in +/-.

With Luongo sitting on the bench, Facepalm Yaycroft - the league GAA leader - will be standing in their way. Bernier returns to the first line, sending Bieksa back to, you know, being a defenseman. Rypien remains on the third, Petting Zoo on the fourth and Matty Schneider will take the obligatory old man night off.

Much like we looked forward to bashing heads with Chicago a few weeks ago, the Blues are probably out for a little revenge tonight. That's typically a recipe for fun.

No bitchin' about the start time. Gamethread goodness henceforth.