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Who's The Man?: Canucks-Avalanche Game Thread

Next Game

Colorado Avalanche
@ Vancouver Canucks

Sunday, Nov 1, 2009, 7:00 PM PST
General Motors Place

TV: Canucks PPV

The Enemy: Mile High Hockey, Jerseys And Hockey Love, Jibblescribbits

Live Avalanche Chat at The Goalie Guild

Complete Coverage >

Now I'm AV and I take no shit

You play my style or you can sit

Cuz shufflin' lines is what I like

And I'll play 8 d-men like Lohan plays a dike the suck that suckers suck

So I benched him faster than Dice says f*ck

So listen up cuz you might get dissed

I'm so much longer than our injury...list

(Yo man, watch the beat)

I'm on the case I'm in your face

Put the bandwagon back in place

Step up sucker, understand

Don't you know..