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Canucks Make Bold Statement in 7-1 Destruction Over Canadiens

10/8, 10:03 AM Update: According to the Team 1040 and some threads, Carey Price punched a hole in the dressing room wall after last night's game. Perhaps he was aiming for Jacques Martin and missed.


Maybe the naysayers and bandwagon jumpers will hop back on board after the slaughter tonight, maybe not. It is only one game after all. But what a way to break out of a slump! The Canadiens could not contain a possessed Canucks squad and also did little to help out their buddy Carey Price (in front of his pops no less). So many positives to take out of this game.

-The Raymond-Kesler-Samuelsson line looked good, with all 3 scoring tonight. The Keslord had a goal and 2 assists. I think that line should remain in tact for now. Go with what works.

-The Sedins combined for 7 points, with Henrik, the game's first star, scoring 2 goals and 2 assists.

-Steve Bernier potted one as well, playing on the power play with the Twins. From what I can recall, AV was shuffling both Bernier and Burrows on the top line 5 on 5.

-The 3rd and 4th lines...good energy even though they didn't get on the scoresheet. So it's official, Rick Rypien may be a middleweight, but can fight in the heavyweight class. Nice seeing Hal Gill's head pop back from those lefts.

It makes me wonder we really need Darcy Hordichuk? Much is said about the leadership he brings, but we don't need 2 goons on that 4th line do we? I'd put someone like Tanner Glass on that line instead.

-Roberto Luongo had a lot of help from his buddies tonight, but besides the weak goal he let in, he was solid. An NM reader mentioned that Lou still doesn't look to be in top form yet and I would have to agree. Nevertheless, cheers to Lou for responding the way he did.

The win couldn't come at a better time. The Canucks don't play again until Sunday against the Stars, and then don't play again until Friday against the Flames. It was pretty crucial to get this monkey off their back as well. Great job by the team. Way to get it done in ass-kicking style.

BOXSCORE (drooling material)

HIGHLIGHTS (It's ok to laugh)