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Silver lining? Trying to find entertainment value in the debacle of a loss to the Ducks

Well, the Ducks whooped us. Nothing fun about that. Always the optimist, however, I have attempted to pull some good, or at least entertainment value, from the game. And if you're wondering why this followed so quickly on the heels of the game, well, there wasn't much else for me to do during that abysmal last 2/3rds of the game. Here are some reasons that tonight's game was, at worst, not a total waste of the last three hours of my life:

  • The Canucks iced a forward line of Rypien-Bliznak-Schneider. Is that not the most outlandish line combination you can imagine? Mario Bliznak making his NHL debut on the same line as the guy they used to clone the dinosaurs in Jurassic Park, who just happens to be a defenseman playing forward for some reason. Throw in Rick Rypien, who makes any situation more exciting (I'm sure that if you need to spice things up with the wife, the Ripper would be happy to oblige) and it was the most bizarre/ridiculous/hilarious line I can remember the Canucks icing. C'est l'Halloween!
  • Is that the first time in NHL history that two guys named Schneider have played in the same game for the same team? Come to think of it, did Cory Schneider even play or did Alain Vigneault just have some fun by throwing defenseman-turned-winger Mathieu between the pipes?
  • I put the count of John Garrett saying that Tanner Glass "couldn't get it up" at three. I assume he was referring to Glass' near miss in the first period, not some insider information that he has gleaned in the course of his dressing room reportage.
  • Give John Shorthouse the call of the year so far, for this witticism on Cory Perry's tap in goal in the second period: "Katy Perry coulda scored that one!" Presumably he was talking about the goal, not that girl who was dressed up like George Parros.
  • Speaking of Parros, did you know that he graduated from Stanford? No word if he majored in moustache grooming.

That's all I've got folks. That was a terrible, terrible game. Let's never speak of it again.