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Canucks Still Unable To Hit Stride In 3-0 Loss To Avalanche


"It’s big for our confidence," Paul Stastny said of the fast start. "The most important thing is we're clicking as a team. Everyone is relying on each other. We’re playing as a unit and getting great play from Andy (Craig Anderson).

You saw what happened last year and we're a lot younger team and there probably aren’t real high expectations. We're trying to prove ourselves after last year, and we're excited for that challenge."

For the Canucks, it's the exact opposite this year. Experts and all are projecting them to win the Northwest Division and be Stanley Cup contenders. The play of this team, as I heard John Garrett alluded to near the end of the game, seems to be reflecting that. The Canucks don't look confused as much as they do over confident. There just isn't enough of that drive there with this team yet that is going to help them win games. They cannot expect the overall depth of the team to be good enough. Each individual has to put out a better effort than what we are seeing in order to fight their way to victory.

This is something they are going to learn, and I believe it will come sooner rather than later. Get off the road, go back home, and show some passion. The lack of passion is creating all sorts of issues on the ice: missed opportunities and a lack of preferred finish on scoring chances, lazy penalties/goals against because of a lack of foot speed, etc.

Alain Vigneault mentioned post game that lines 2, 3 and 4 need to step up. I thought the Sedins and Burrows played really well, even though they couldn't bury their chances either. At least they "look like" they have desire. The other lines look awkward and ineffective. The same can be said about the defence as well. It remains a recurring theme that this version of the Vancouver Canucks is not playing good defence from the D corps or as a team. The quality of chances against today was atrocious. Kid Matt Duchene was allowed to shoot at will from quality scoring areas.

I thought Roberto Luongo played well against Colorado, but got no help from his mates. Where in the hell was the defensive zone coverage? It was terrible, and it only re-enforces my point that the team needs to get back to its defensive roots in order to succeed. Yeah, run and gun hockey is damned cool nowadays and it's more fun to watch, doesn't win games when you can't play well in your own end.

Is the frustration levels of Canucks fans more because of the high expectations or just the horror show on the ice?

Sure, Craig Anderson and Miikka Kiprusoff stoned the Canucks in both games, but the quality chances put forth by the Canucks were not all that numerous, not to overly discount both netminders. But let's call a spade a spade many times have the Canucks missed the net on shots or just not absolutely buried their chances?

Like I said earlier: the Canucks will get going. This is an unfortunate learning curve that I wish they didn't have to go through. But strength comes through adversity does it not? Discuss.




"We haven’t jelled yet as a group."

-Willie Mitchell